Order LeakLook!

The LeakLook-service 29 euros/month

The service fee includes:

  • water safety service
  • user interface to view water consumption inoformation.
  • API connection for house automation and real estate information systems
  • Internet connection

The price of the service is 29 €/month. The duration of the service is 12 months. You will be charged for the service-fee in advance. In connection with the delivery, a start-up fee of 240 € is also charged. The total cost for the first year is 588 €.

The price of the service after the first 12 months is 29€ /month.

All prices include VAT 24%.


It is possible to automatically transfer consumption data to other systems.
The start-up fee for the implementation of the interface is € 169 per customership.

Select the desired system from the list to which the data will be transferred.

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